Are You Addicted To Sugar?

The holidays might be over but I bet your craving for sugar is not. After stuffing our faces with cookies, candies, desserts and tons of rich food chocked full of hidden sugar we're left with a sweet tooth that can't be satisfied.  Time to reset our bodies!

Free Sugar Detox Challenge

Join the Dragonfly tribe as we reset our bodies and break our holiday addiction to sugar.  We'll provide the meal plan, support and accountability, you provide the determination and willpower.  Together we'll take a 1 week detox journey leaving our bodies ready for a healthy and fit 2020.  

Register via the link below and we'll send you the details.  Challenge begins January 12th.

I'm Ready To Join The Free Challenge

Are you addicted to sugar?

Answer yes or no to each of the following questions.

  1. Do you crave sugar after every meal?
  2. Are you tired in the afternoon and often feel the need to eat something sweet as a pick me up?
  3. Do you feel bloated after eating too much sugar?
  4. Do you feel guilty about eating sugar?
  5. Do you crave salty as well as sweet foods?
  6. When you cut back on sugar do you notice  headaches, lethargy or feeling tired, cravings, muscle pain, nausea, gas and bloating, or insomnia?
  7. At night, do you raid the pantry looking of chocolate or something sweet?
  8. Do you have trouble resisting sweets at your workplace?
  9. Do you eat sweets even if you're not hungry?
  10. Do you cope with stress by eating something sweet?
  11. Do you have difficultly eating just one piece of candy, one cookie, etc.

If you answered yes to 2 or more of these questions you it's likely your addicted to sugar.