Paddleboard, Hoop and Yoga Events

Hoop Fitness Workshops - 2 in February

Hula Hoop Fitness Class on Kent Island

 4 Week Sessions - Mondays, Feb 3rd - Feb 24th- 6:00pm and Saturdays, Feb 15th - March 7th

Hula hooping tones muscles, increases stamina, aides in weight loss, improves coordination, increases flexibility, and reduces stress.  It's not working out, it's just plain fun!  Get your body flowing while you watch your waistline shrink, see your confidence soar, and allow your inner child to emerge.  Learn the fundamentals of Hooping while integrating tricks, both on and off body, and burn 400-600 calories per hour as we combine it all to create a fun flow.  

Each class will begin with a warm up including an introduction to basic waist hooping (success is all about using the right hoop) , followed by drills where we learn 3-5 hooping tricks, both on and off our bodies, and then we finish by combining it all together to create a fun, hooping sequence.  You'll be amazed at how fast an hour can fly by!

Don't think you can hoop? Yes you can! It truly is all about the hoop.  We offer quality, adult hula hoops in various styles and sizes guaranteed to make everyone a successful hooper. ,

Chakra Balancing Yoga Workshop and Bracelet Making - March 2nd -23rd

Chakra Balancing Yoga Workshop Kent Island

  Workshop includes 4 one hour yoga classes, Mondays, with bracelet making kit.  $45 

4 Week Workshop - Each week our yoga practice will focus on learning about the Chakra or energy centers in the body. Poses for each class will be designed to activate the specific energy centers of focus and we'll discuss ways to stimulate them via things like yoga, oils, crystals, diet, etc. Students will receive 2 natural stone beads per class corresponding to the chakras of focus. At the end of the 4 week series we will string the beads, add lava stones for essential oil diffusion to create the full chakra balancing bracelet.

The yoga practice is a basic flow class with modifications allowing all to enjoy and benefit from the sessions. Beginners are welcome.

Private Yoga and Wine Tasting Party

Wine Tasting and Yoga Party

We'll cover wine tasting 101, do yoga while we sip different wines and finish up with posing for prizes.  No yoga or wine tasting experience needed.  Dragonfly will come to your home or private event with everything needed for a few hours of fun.  Rather do a Bend and Brew (beer) or Calm and Cocktails (spirits) we can do those too!